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Apr 16, 2020

betterTHINK is a podcast for business owners and those who advise them.

Hosted by Kirk Conole of DCI Solutions, a firm which increases a company's cashflow, profit and equity 3 - 10% so that a company can safely gain thousands and grow equity by millions without changing anything except the way it thinks.

Every couple...

Mar 21, 2020

Truly great ideas are ones you couldn’t have imagined before, and can’t imagine going without now.  PJ Gupta has that kind of idea for you.

In this episode, we meet PJ, an expert in electronic payments.


  • 00:27 Echeck payments increase productivity, reduce risk, and save significant money
  • 03:31...

Dec 21, 2018


This week Financial Gravity's CEO, John Pollock, hosts Kirk Conole.

In a sea of boring and outdated business advice, John Pollock is changing the conversation on how small business owners approach taxes, profit and the path to growth.


[:17] John introduces his guest for this episode — Kirk Conole.

Aug 25, 2018

As a visionary entrepreneur, you are almost required to be thinking about “what is next?”

24 hours a day…

7 days a week…

365 days a year…

Unfortunately, visionary entrepreneurs often become bogged down with operations and details that distract them from their primary role.

This ultimately causes both...