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Aug 29, 2019

People talk about changing the status quo but how do we do that?  

In this episode, we meet Bruce Raymond Wright, world-renowned author of Transcendent Thought and Market Leadership 1.0.

Kirk and Bruce explore how to transcend the forces which keep you in the status quo and prevent you from maximizing your potential. 


1:05 Bruce explains why people aren't familiar with this type of thinking.

3:15 Kirk and Bruce explore how suffering and working hard won't give you a competitive edge.

4:00 Bruce clarifies the need for transcendence and the reality that it can be acquired. “Until you can sell water in desert you aren’t going to get anywhere.”

6:02 Kirk and Bruce relate the challenge that CEOs face to break out of the status quo to an episode of television's "The Office".

10:15 Kirk explains that the reluctance of a client to ask for a higher level of service doesn't mean that they are content with the status quo.

10:49 Kirk and Bruce address the innovator’s dilemma.  The challenge is in forcing yourself to not think the way others do.

11:50 Bruce describes the human condition and universal principles for extreme success, happiness, and joy.

14:00 Kirk and Bruce address how most people want to be great, but they don't want to become great.

15:16 Kirk reflects that we can only teach the curios.